Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentine's Day Table Wreath

Even though I love to crochet, sometimes I feel it's necessary to take some time off (only a day or two) to rest my joints and I enjoy doing other crafts. Lately I have been really into making bows (for hair and decoration) and wreaths to hang on the door!

Today I combined both bows and wreaths together to make a table wreath where a candle can sit in the middle for a beautiful and festive centerpiece.

This is my first time posting something other than a crocheted pattern and also my first time posting a blog with pictures to accompany the steps. I hope you enjoy and I really appreciate any feedback!

I started my project with a Susan Bates embroidery hoop. To be honest, I was searching for something inexpensive and round that I could use as my base for the wreath. I know I would be covering it with flowers so I didn't mind what it looked like.

I then took my wire cutters and cut off all the flowers from a large flower bunch (I had to get the pink glitter daisies of course!!) I left a very small stem (less than 1/2 an inch) and made sure to also cut off some green for color.

Here are some more flowers!

Then with some pretty pink and red ribbon, I made some bows! (There are many tutorials online where I learned to make bows. Maybe one of these days I will post my own). After this step, I hot glued some small loose pearls to the center of the bows for a little something extra! But I forgot to take the picture :( (See I told you I was a beginner blogger!)

Next, I put a generous glob of hot glue on the stem and a little up on the side of the flowers. Once I stuck the flowers to the ring, the hot glue seeped down the side and stuck to the cardboard. (This is why I always work on a piece of cardboard so I don't ruin the table and it also pops off easy when the glue is dried and cooled).

I continued around the ring gluing flowers in every open space. I then glued the bows on top of the flowers (I actually covered some flowers but only a couple little ones).

Now for the tulle bunches! I cut about a 9 inch piece of tulle off the spool and folded it in half the long way. Then I took a needle and some pink thread and sewed the tulle along the bottom folded edge using a "running stitch". Basically I just sewed from back to front and then front to back with an inch space in between each stitch.

Then I pulled the thread taunt and it bunched up nicely.

I wrapped the thread around the bottom a few times and it created this cute little tulle bunch that I thought would look perfect tucked in between the flowers! (It's super easy! I only know how to sew a little by hand and I could do this!)

Then I glued the tulle bunches behind and tucked in between the flowers, straight to the plastic ring. 

Then I added a candle to the center of my ring (this is the Gold Canyon- Cinnamon Pinecone candle that is TO DIE FOR!) and TA-DA! Your wreath is complete! So simple! So quick! So pretty!

Here are some close up pictures of the bows and flowers!

Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy your festive wreath for your table!

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